About Us :

Luo & Jia Associates is a patent??and trademark??agency designated by the Chinese government to

deal with patent and trademark affairs involving both domestic clients and overseas parties. We are

focusing on how to protect the clients' intellectual property rights.

We are dedicating to serve both domestic clients foreign clients the??protection intellectual property

around the world. The??practice our??firm mainly focus on filing and??prosecution patent applications

and registration trademarks on behalf of the clients. Our firm also handles intellectual property laws

related litigations, licensing, transfer of technology and so on; related trial and appellate litigation as

well as dispute resolutions before administrative authorities.

Every client is unique to us,??we respect every client’s culture and policy, we understand the clients

need, and we are endeavoring to provide the best solution for the clients' best interest. Since 2007,

we are working with over hundreds of foreign associates, law firms, trademark attorney and patent

in field of intellectual property,??for the filing and prosecution patent applications and??regitration of

the trademarks in China and around the world.

With the rapid development of the economic globalization,??especially when China joined WTO,??the

infringements on the trademark, patents, and copyrights is greatly increased and the??protection of

intellectual property more and more important. Our strength is built on the quality and expertise of

our teams in the area of intellectual property and related laws and practices.

Since its inception, our firm is established a professional team with senior lawyers, patent attorneys,

trademark attorneys with rich experence in the relevant field, and has made admirable achievements

with steady grow of busness. Our working language is Chinese,??English and Japanese which enables

us to provide our clients in every corner of the world with effective and high-quality legal service. Due

to our good reputation in the of field?the intellectual property,??many foreign??associates,??law firms,

trademark attorneys and patent attorneys choose to work with us as their business partner in China.

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Luo & Jia Associates

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